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e-Commerce Day 2020
The trade fair for the online trade
15 May 2020 in Cologne
RheinEnergieSTADION, Aachener Str. 999

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Speakers at the e-Commerce Day 2024

Bild von Anne Lisa Nguyen

Anne Lisa Nguyen

Director of ECC KÖLN

Future of Retail – The retail trends 2024

Bild von Claudia Studtmann

Claudia Studtmann

Head of Retail DACH

Maximizing your Marketing performance with AI

Bild von Cosima Gräßlin

Cosima Gräßlin

Amazon Advertising Expertin und Leiterin Inhouse Academy

The pressure increased on Amazon

Bild von Dr. Anna Magdalena Voegele

Dr. Anna Magdalena Voegele

Kaufland Global Marketplace
Head of Data Science Selling & Supply by Kaufland e-commerce

AI-Driven Seller Empowerment

Bild von Dr. Gerald Schönbucher

Dr. Gerald Schönbucher

Kaufland Global Marketplace
CEO Kaufland e-commerce

Welcome & Update on Kaufland Global Marketplace

Bild von Expert Panel

Expert Panel

Dr. Gerald Schönbucher (CEO Kaufland e-commerce), Michal Lagunionek (CEO Kaufland Poland), Petra Kalužíková (Head of Marketing/Managing Director at Kaufland Czech Republic), Natalia Schmidt (Sales Manager at Euroelectronics Poland) & Stephan Grad (Managing Director Exciting Tech, Austria)

What is the current situation on the Czech market and is it…

Bild von Fabio Maglieri

Fabio Maglieri

Country Lead DACH

From first-time buyers to loyal customers - Omnichannel journeys by Samsøe Samsøe…

Bild von Franca Lenzen & Tom Maier

Franca Lenzen & Tom Maier

Senior Account Executive DACH & Senior Account Executive DACH

5 advertising tips to take off with multichannel e-commerce in 2024

Bild von Heidi Kneller-Gronen, Andreas Müller & Robert Krancke

Heidi Kneller-Gronen, Andreas Müller & Robert Krancke

Bundesverband Onlinehandel e.V. (BVOH)
Managing Director, President Bundesverband Onlinehandel e.V. & Vice President

Combating returns, marketplace closures and Temu: what we can achieve for you

Bild von Jay Olschewitsch

Jay Olschewitsch

Nexi Germany GmbH
Senior Sales Manager

Bye bye purchase abandonment! Tips and tricks for your checkout to generate…

Bild von Johannes Altmann

Johannes Altmann

Pinops GmbH

The Mustermanns - a live insight into the living room of German…

Bild von Julia Wolczek & Carolin Degenhardt

Julia Wolczek & Carolin Degenhardt

Performance Lead, Central Europe & Technical Engagement Manager

AI-Powered Marketing: The Future of Smart Selling

Bild von Kevin Grajek & Christian Meierhoff

Kevin Grajek & Christian Meierhoff

Fiege Logistik Stiftung & Co. KG
Business Development Manager & Head of eCommerce Services

Between home-cooked and gourmet food: How a restaurant experience takes your e-commerce…

Bild von Maik Metzen

Maik Metzen

Managing Director

Google Shopping Strategies for 2024

Bild von Martin Groß-Albenhausen

Martin Groß-Albenhausen

Deputy Managing Director of BEVH

Sustainable online purchasing decisions: Online store design between green claims and green…

Bild von Mary-Jo Slipek & Jonas Nadenau

Mary-Jo Slipek & Jonas Nadenau

Lego System A/S
Director Sales & Sr. eCommerce Manager

LEGO® loves Retail

Bild von Matthias Sammer

Matthias Sammer

Consultant Borussia Dortmund & German Football Functionary

Without leadership, you lose the game

Bild von Michael Atug

Michael Atug

MAW Werkzeuge GmbH
CEO and digital rockstar

Blockbuster from Micha’s forge - episode 1 = ratings "Star Wars"

Bild von Michaela Fraundorfer

Michaela Fraundorfer

Roomle GmbH
MSc - Director Sales

Boosting Sales with 3D Commerce: Crafting Customer Experiences, Reducing Returns

Bild von Nadine McNulty

Nadine McNulty

Claneo GmbH
Senior SEO Consultant

E-Commerce SEO 2024: Your Tool-Kit for a Successful SEO Strategy

Bild von Nexhmedin Bicaj

Nexhmedin Bicaj

DeepL S
Account Management Lead

Reach Global Markets with Language AI

Bild von Oliver Lucas

Oliver Lucas

NFQ Solutions GmbH
Managing Director

From local to global: the magic formula for international multi-marketplace management. And…

Bild von Payam Rahbari & Daniel Bleichroth

Payam Rahbari & Daniel Bleichroth

Plentysystems AG
Head of Sales & Area Product Manager | plentyChannel

Get started now on Kaufland Global Marketplace - How easy it is…

Bild von Philipp Ludewig

Philipp Ludewig

Redcare Pharmacy (Shop Apotheke Service GmbH)
Associate Director, Marketplace Business Development

5 success factors of marketplaces

Bild von Simon Kinzel

Simon Kinzel

Tchibo (Schweiz) AG
Head of E-Commerce CH

Personalization in e-commerce: Mix and match with these 10 ideas

Bild von Sina Chakeri

Sina Chakeri

Director of Sales Europe

How to Increase Sales and Protect Profit Margins in 2024

Bild von Smudo


Co-founder of the band "Die Fantastischen Vier"

Talk with Smudo: The transformation of the music world through artificial intelligence…

Bild von Stefan Kuper

Stefan Kuper

neuland - Büro für Informatik GmbH
Senior Consultant for E-Commerce Search

Talk to me! - The search for the future in e-commerce

Bild von Steffen Lüning

Steffen Lüning

Brandeis Digital GmbH
Certified data protection officer (TÜV®)

You won't make friends with the GDPR

Bild von Stephan Lerch

Stephan Lerch

Business & Strategy

A station with a future and what it has to do with…

Bild von Stéphane Guenin & Michael Henrichs

Stéphane Guenin & Michael Henrichs

VP Sales Europe, Shoppingfeed & Member of the Executive Management Contentserv

Turn product data into revenue: How to create and syndicate relevant content…

Bild von Sven Lang

Sven Lang

Lang Consulting GmbH

Multichannel touchpoint marketing and performance branding for scaling an 7-8 figure e-commerce…

Bild von Tim Janke

Tim Janke

signundsinn GmbH
Head of Sales

The End of Life or just Shopware 5?

Bild von Timo Aden

Timo Aden

Co-Founder Digitl & Consultant Digitalisation

The Future of Tracking - Business in a cookieless world

Bild von Tobias Dziuba

Tobias Dziuba

AdsMasters GmbH
Managing Director

Increase the profitability of your Amazon Ads by 30% in 30 days